Meet Erik Olsen at these upcoming events.

Erik Olsen will be at Jordan Landings, or West Jordan Barnes and Noble, February 9th from 11:00 to 2:00 signing books. Please come out and meet Erik, this will be a fun event.


Erik Olsen will be at the Sandy Barnes and Noble March 2nd from 1:00 to 4:00 for the Author Palooza. I hope you can be there!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Events

  1. You recently spoke at my daughter’s elementary school, and she wanted to buy one of your signed books – unfortunately, I forgot to send the money. Do you have signed copies available anywhere, or will you be speaking anywhere else soon? I would love to surprise her with the first book for Christmas.

    • I live in Sandy and I believe you’re probably referring to Bell View Elementary, so it’s not far from where I live. If you’d like I can drop one by your home, or meet someone somewhere.

  2. Howdy Erik and Wendy,
    My boys are loving your books. We are now just about to finish book 3 and were reading it as a family. Its been some really fun adventure. Thanks for the treat. When do you think we can expect book 4?

    • Thanks Anna, that’s nice of you. Book four comes out this fall. it will be called, “Quest and Honor” When it comes out I’ll let you know, I believe it’s the first part of November.

      • Not yet but I’m going to soon I’m moving out state before October that’s way I. Was hopeing you where doing a signing

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