Book 3 – Raggleroot


Raggleroot  – Book 3 of Flin’s Destiny Series
Erik Olsen

Help me, help me, Flin . . Parcell’s arm slowly reached up at Flin in despair, and then it dropped to the ground, lifeless.

Flin darted over and snatched up Parcell’s hand.

Parcell’s eyes suddenly popped open. “If I’m going to die, then you will too!

Flin has always known to stay away from the doors with five clover leaves. His grandmother made sure he knew that whatever was behind those doors meant death. But when he finds out what’s really behind one of them, his discovery isn’t just deadly—it’s devastating.

And that’s not the only mystery rocking Flin’s underground world. There’s the puzzle of why his best friend, Flowell, was caught kissing Triston, and the fact that an obscure stranger wants to kill him. Join Flin as he learns the true meaning of friendship in this fast-paced adventure.

Product Details
Title: Flin’s Destiny Series, Book 3: Raggleroot
Author: Erik Olsen
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 304
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.25
ISBN: 9781462110117
Imprint: Sweetwater
Release Date: 2013-01-08
Price: $16.99

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12 thoughts on “Book 3 – Raggleroot

        • Actually I just went by Barnes and Noble in Sandy and they don’t have your book either. They were claiming that it doesn’t come out until tomorrow. Is is possible that there was a release on the 8th only for online orders and that the book is actually going out tomorrow?

          • I talked to the publisher and they said deliveries to the stores had been delayed by two days, so I believe you’re correct about the book Raggleroot being in stores today or sometime soon. They were going to look into the book not being sold on e-boook, they said they thought it was, I still haven’t heard back from them. I’ll keep checking, but I think Sandy Barnes and Noble should have it. Erik

          • Joe, the publisher said the e-book wouldn’t be out for another two weeks, but that Barnes and Noble would have the Raggleroot Book in stores by Saturday. I would call first. Have you already read books one and two, Cobble Cavern, and Garden of the Lost Souls?

      • Ok Joe, here’s the deal. the publisher said the book is out but stores are just getting it to their warehouses. So, I called Barnes and Noble in Sandy and they said they just got them in the warehaouse and the store has ordered them in and they will be at the Sandy Barnes and Noble by Friday, but I would call first. Thanks for being patient Joe. I hope ypu enjoy Raggleroot, I’ve been told by everyone reading the series that Raggleroot is the best of the first three books.

        If you have problems, email me, thanks, Erik

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