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Cobble Cavern by Erik Olsen

Cobble Cavern (Flin’s Destiny Series Book 1)

What starts out as a fun field trip to Ireland turns into a life-changing adventure after a huge earthquake traps Flin and his debate teammates under the ocean. There they find an unknown civilization filled with danger, incredible beasts, and new discoveries. Join Flin and his friends as they fight their way back to the surface in this thrilling adventure story.

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Garden of the Lost Souls by Erik Olsen

Garden of the Lost Souls (Flin’s Destiny Series Book 2)

Just when Flin thought things were finally settling down, he and Flowell are sucked into another adventure—literally. Now Flin must choose between recovering a magical jadestone that will save an entire village from certain destruction or rescuing his own best friend! Delve deeper into the mysteries of the underworld in this heart-pounding read that’s fun for the whole family.

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Raggleroot_Flins_Destiny_3_Eric_Olsen_-9781462110117_smcoverRaggleroot (Flin’s Destiny Series Book 3)

Flin has always been told to stay away from the doors with five clover leaves. But when his only option to return home lies behind those doors, he’s forced to go against everything he’s believed. What he discovers is not only devastating, it’s deadly. Full of humor, action, and twists, this can’t-miss read is sure to keep you entertained to the very last page.

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Quest-and-Honor_Flins-Destiny-4_web2x3Quest and Honor
Book 4 of the Flin’s Destiny Series

Flin just can’t win. He can’t escape the underground world without helping the evil Blade escape as well. He can’t save Clover Cavern and the leprechauns without suffering from a troll curse or dying in battle. But he’s going to try anyway. Readers of all sizes will enjoy Flin’s latest story of bravery and sacrifice.

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Upcoming! Flin’s Destiny Series Book 5!

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